Tuesday, February 13, 2007

New work! Yay!!!!

Hey, just finished this piece for fun and posted it on the Pan's Labyrinth Sketchbook contest site- I love this film- I think has given a new twist to the worlds of fantasy. Hope you check out the film.
The next image was for issue 210 of Interzone Magazine for a story entitled "Heartstrung". It's a sad story about a girls journey into womanhood through a proccess through which her mother stitches the girls heart onto her sleeve. Look for this issue in the next couple of months and it will feature many illustrations and art work by yours truly. find out more about Interzone at www.ttapress.comThe next image I can't wait to get started on is a personal project and 2nd in my Greenman series. It is in sketch stage right now but in a day or two it'll be on canvas awaiting its execution in paint form... : )Well, that's it for today, I hope you all have a great night, week, and month- because they're moving fast!!!
Drop me a line and let's keep in touch!

Best regards,


Lucas said...

good day. i like your paintings. keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

mom loves the new art work and we recieved the interzone magazine. can't wait to see the next one with more of your pictures. great job Doug!

Rachel said...


I'm the author of "Heartstrung." Jetse just sent this to me, and it's completely gorgeous. The attention you've paid to the details is really exciting, for me as the author. Thank you so much!

gary said...

Hi Douglas,

Just got hold of 208 and saw Empty Clouds in print with your art. Looks great.

Congrats on the future Interzone focus on your art as well. Am looking forward to it.

natalie said...

i love the pan's labrynth, and the second greenman one!!! i can't wait to see it completed and I definately want a print!!

always more than proud of you,