Friday, August 30, 2013

Qatar Commercial Advertising Poster

It's been a busy few months this summer and I am super glad that my family and I got a chance to get away and see friends and family on the west coast. We had an amazing time getting together with family in Oregon and it was so great to be back in SoCal for a few days and see good friends once again.
 While I was away I had an advertising job come in where I was needed to illustrate a soccer player, Puyol, from Barcelona in a 1940's Tarzan film poster style. It was interesting painting it in various coffee shops and cafes in Southern California and Oregon on my six + year old laptop. Thanks to my buddy John Gajowski up in Portland for letting me color correct the painting before I sent it to the client.
So here is the commercial for a Qatar Airways that the painting appears in! You can see the painting on the side of a building in the video about 39 seconds in.
Here is the original painting I did.

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