Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Comics and more Comics...

First off I am working on a graphic novel with indie comics writer Stephen L. Stern (Zen Intergalactic Ninja, Beowulf) and television scribe Peter Sullivan (Termination Point, Silent Venom). Please visit the Burning Man Blog for a four page preview and more information on this super "HOT" project!

I finished a tutorial just recently for Advanced Photoshop magazine issue #70 all about digital painting in comics. It is a six page in depth look at a process that can be used to bring a painterly touch to sequential storytelling. Check it out!

I am also busy coloring a 148 page graphic novel entitled Blaze Brothers with writer Stephen Stern adapting, and Marat Michaels on drawing duties. Check out some sample pages at the Blaze Brothers website. *Warning* mature readers recommended ; )
On top of that I am working as a colorist on a hundred plus page illustrated novel with Brian Haberlin and Jay Anacleto. I truly wish I could show you some of this stuff but in due time, this stuff is amazing looking! In due time...

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