Thursday, May 22, 2008

Tutorial for Advanced Photoshop

Just finished up on a painting for Advanced Photoshop. It was done as a tutorial with 27 steps on how to create a a painting in Photoshop. It was a challenge because lately I have been doing most of my paintings in Corel Painter on one layer and with this painting to make it easier for readers to understand I did everything in layers. So the painting is comprised of like fifty layers. It was a lot of fun and it will see print in issue # 45 out in a few months. Hope you all get a chance to enjoy it.

©2008 Douglas A. Sirois Illustration. All Rights Reserved.

1 comment:

John Zeleznik said...

Hey Doug

Great piece! Looks like you've been crazy busy this year.

Will I see you at Comic-con this year?