Thursday, March 6, 2008

Opening Credits Exhibit & Dangerous Ink Website

We attended the Opening Credits Exhibit that Larry Johnson from CalState Fullerton organized at the Grand Central Art Center in Costa Mesa. What a great show! It was good to see friends and coworkers in attendance and fun to chat. HERE is all the info on the exhibit that I was a part of (even though I am not quite an alumni of CalState yet).
And here are some great photos taken by Lance Leong... (thanks Lance!!)

me with me and a lot of DVD covers I illustrated.

I had a spread in a magazine a few months back called Dangerous Ink - They now have a new website up and I have a little space on there with some illustrations of mine. Dangerous Ink is a pretty cool art mag featuring many great illustrators and painters that you might not have heard of otherwise. They are UK based, so that's cool too!

Oh yeah- Micah is a month old today!!!!

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