Thursday, January 24, 2008

Halloween, Bob Hope, & more!

Things are moving pretty swell these fine days of the new year and 2008 will a special year seeing that I will be a father in about a month! Jenn and I are pretty excited and we're readying each other for the beautiful birth of our son. Thanks for everyone's support and love.
It was a pretty productive and really fun in 2007 so I am cleaning out the computer and finding all this art that I worked on and now getting around to show in my online journal. Have a peek...

Here's three ages of Bob Hope.

concept for The 20th anniversary of the Princess Bride
Buttercup art in the 2oth anniversary booklet

Dread Pirate Roberts art in the 2oth anniversary booklet

These were a blast to work on. Cheryl at Menagerie Creative had me illustrate caricatures of everyone in the studio. Find me!!

Also on another note that there is an art feature of my work in the newest issue of the UK magazine called Dangerous Ink..

Its a great mag if you haven't seen it before and features wonderful casts of artists

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