Thursday, May 31, 2007

2007 Key Art Student Competition!!!! Top 3!!!!

Just got back from the 2007 Student competion for the Key Art awards and was pleasently surprised to be in the top three finalists out of 250 entered. So I will be attending the Key Art awards on June 15th in Hollywood! This was a really cool event with plenty of genuine folks and some wonderful artwork. It was great to see a bunch of friends from Calstate Fullerton coming out to share their support. I appreciate it so much. If you have a chance to check out the show its at FIDM - The Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising. from June 1st to the 15th. Its a really well done show and I am proud to be a part of it. Thanks to everyone who shared support.


Robert said...

Hey Doug!
Congrats dude thats AWESOME.
Take care man.

Ralph_Desmond said...

thats EXcellent. very nice image. hope you win big bucks no whammies. stop by our fiesta on yer way back into town if you want