Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Welcome to My Blogg!!!

Hello and welcome to my first blogg ever!!! I was a little hesitant to create on of these but then I decided why NOT?! It'll be a good way to show peeps new works and give shout outs to different things going on over here at DAS ILLUSTRATION and life in general. Here is a new peice I just finished for Interzone Magazine for a story entitled, Preachers. Let me know what yo think or just drop a note to say hi or any other thoughts you might have.
So once again, WELCOME!!!


Rob said...

Hey Doug
Try #2
The new art work looks rad(i know lame huh "rad" peeps really dont use that anymore and i prob. miss-spelled it)
Soooo yeah, this is pretty cool. If i had my own blog i would write about photo inforced lights...THEY SUCKKK.


Natalie said...

Douglas...kickass work! Once again I have to say how proud I am of you!!

Anonymous said...

Heya Doug, Your work is being recognized all. YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (oh yeah, I work with your sis Nat) :D

Phosy said...

Above comment was posted by Phosy. haha!

Anonymous said...

Wow Doug your work is amazing and Im gald I get to live with you every day so that I may be able to soak up some of your talent for myself!1!

zodblogger said...

It is my heart felt wish to honour thine fine works and deeds in a limerick.

There once was a lad from methuen

who knew what the fudge he was doing?

his arts on the cover

the world was its lover

so now he should go do another!

good on ya doug,

Anonymous said...

Doug your artwork looks really good brother !
Congrats on the Illustrator's Society choice.
You must be proud of your accomplishments!
Cheers Brother!! I wanted you to know it is very inspiring
see artists like yourself working towards a goal !
You have a bright future ahead of you.
I'm heading to PerĂº myself to spend Christmas with my Mom
& other family members. God bless us all.....
A humble co-worker: